Online Ordering

What You Need To Know

  • Shipping Day

    We ship FROZEN product on Mondays only to avoid a potential weekend delay – if Monday falls on a business holiday then we will ship on the next available day.

  • Packaging Fee

    In order to ensure quality of product, every shipping order will incur a $16.00 “Packaging Fee” that covers the necessary shipping/handling materials including the UPS-approved box, insulated cooler-bag, and dry ice.

  • Shipping Method

    Per the shipping radius of UPS, an order being shipped to an address 700+ miles from BERGERONS may not be eligible to ship “Ground”. If it is discovered that “Ground” is not available to ship to the provided address after you have placed your order online, we will contact you to (a) select a different shipping method and (b) collect payment for the difference of the new shipping method vs. the previously selected method.


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Shipping Policy

Bergeron’s Boudin & Cajun Meats ships select product throughout the continental United States using UPS as third-party shipping carrier.

Bergeron’s Boudin & Cajun Meats of Bossier City (BERGERONS) ships FROZEN product on Mondays only to avoid a potential weekend delay – if Monday falls on a business holiday then BERGERONS will ship on the next available day.

Shipping orders placed after 11:59 PM CST on Friday may not ship on the following Monday, due to time constraints to create product for said Shipping Order. To ensure your package will ship on the following Monday, please complete your online shipping orders before 11:59 PM CST on Friday.

Shipments can only be delivered to a street address within the continental United States – UPS will not deliver to a Post Office box.

BERGERONS is not responsible for shipment delays due to inclement weather and/or if an incorrect address is provided during the online check-out process. Shipping charges will not be refunded for late deliveries if the recipient is not available to receive the package when delivered (UPS may require a signature for delivery at the discretion of the driver).

BERGERONS offers “In Store Pick Up” for local orders – please select “Pick Up In Store” on the Order Information page during the check-out process.

A shipping tracking number will be emailed to your provided email address, once the package has been created and scheduled for pick up by a UPS driver.

Quality Assurance

All shipments are sent using UPS approved boxes, with an insulated cooler-bag and packed with dry ice to ensure quality and freshness of our product during the shipping process. PLEASE NOTE: upon arrival, the dry ice may be evaporated and your product may be thawed.

If the dry ice has not evaporated, BBC suggests referring to this website for how to safely handle dry ice:

For best results, your shipment should be refrigerated immediately upon receiving the package. BBC suggests consuming refrigerated product within 3-5 days of receiving the package. If you chose to place the product in the freezer immediately upon receiving the package, BBC suggests consuming frozen product within six months.

Color of received product may vary when compared to website photographs, due to nature of hand-made, from-scratch recipes.

Returns and Exchanges

BBC does not offer refunds or exchanges.

If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your shipment, please contact BBC within TWO DAYS of when the package is delivered. Photographs of the product(s), a detailed description of the issue, and the order number is required to be submitted to BBC. Due to the perishable nature of the product, BBC will not accept disputes without proper photographs or if we are not contacted within the two day window.

If your package is damaged upon receiving do not discard the packaging – UPS may collect the packaging for further inspection of a disputed shipment. A total of seven pictures plus a detailed description of the issue are required to be submitted with a dispute.

• Picture 1: a close-up photo of the shipping label with the Tracking Number (please make sure the entire Tracking Number is visible – the Tracking Number usually begins with “1Z”)
• Picture 2 and Picture 3: two photos displaying all six sides of the package (one photo should display the top + two sides, the other picture should display the bottom + other two sides)
• Picture 4: a close-up photo of the box’s manufacturing certificate (this is typically stamped on the bottom of the box) that details either the bursting strength of the box OR the edge crush rating of the box
• Picture 5: a photo showing the damaged merchandise inside the original box, with all the original cushioning
• Picture 6: a photo of the packaging material used inside the box (ex. Bubble wrap, peanuts, Styrofoam dividers, etc.)
• Picture 7: a photo of the damaged product(s)

Cancellation of an Order

Online orders may not be cancelled within TWO BUSINESS DAYS of the ship or pick-up date. Please note: issuing a refund for a cancellation may take several business days to receive the funds in your bank account. This is an issue that we cannot control. If you are unsatisfied with the timeline of receiving your refund, please contact your card issuer.